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recognition_of_professional_qualifications @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:user_guide
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of professionals in the European Union in so far as those qualified to practise the same profession i... . These professions are referred to in this guide as the 'sectoral professions'; * the professions i... professions, which are referred to in this guide as the 'general system professions'. It is thus ess... de. Lastly, information on practical issues such as costs, appeals, language skills and who to contac
competent_authorities @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:user_guide
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actions the authorities handling EPC applications as home member state can take are described in detai... ssing the system and opening an application ==== As soon as a professional submits an application through the Front-office site, an automatic email is se... o the default recipient in the home member state, as defined later on in Chapter 6. In cases of estab
version_7.0 @imi:release_notes
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ave been migrated to the new authority structure. As of this version authorities need to have the 'Acc... assigned the 'Access manager' role and now appear as such on the 'Management Information' tab1 of the ... unct europa.eu>>. This applies to new authorities as well: i.e. after registering a new authority you ... he tasks that are assigned to this authority such as responsibility for managing or registering other
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language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simp... p>superscript</sup>, too. You can mark something as <del>deleted</del> as well. You can mark something as <del>deleted</del> as well. **Paragraphs**
version_10.0 @imi:release_notes
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sers can request the translation of the free text as before, i.e. by selecting the language to which t... at the system is waiting for the translation. * As soon as the translations arrive they will be displayed in green below the original text. * If a fre... exts will arrive one by one and will be displayed as soon as returned by the machine translation servi
repositories_for_the_implementation_of_the_european_professional_card @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:registre
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cessible to all member States and will also serve as the basis of the information provided to professi... Guides, Physiotherapists and Real estate agents, as these professions are always recognised under th... carefully select the details on this first page, as this information will be used for searching in th... ay still be involved in handling EPC applications as a Home country. In these cases their authorities
translations_and_certified_copies @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:user_guide
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t requirements, i.e., documents that they, acting as host country authority under the EPC procedure, w... de the binding provisions of the Regulation, such as the rules concerning translation and certificatio... nts. Taking into account the above, the position as regards requests for submission of translations and certified copies of documents is as follows. ===== 2. Translations ===== Article 17
imi-pq @ro:materiale:intrebari
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t your territory? | 531| | Can you confirm that, as of [${DateOfRequest}], [${Title} ${FirstName} ${S... ccessful completion of training recognised by you as being of an equivalent level and conferring the s... 3 years during the past 5 years in your territory as from the date of request for recognition: [${Date... ccessful completion of training recognised by you as being of an equivalent level and conferring on [$
profesii @ro:regprof
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the modification introduced rather than referring as not specified? -could you please provide a short ... e requirements applicable before submitting, such as competency requirements as well as exercise requirements. Thank you)) | | | | [[ro:profesii:reglementate:Gastroenterologie]] |
version_9.0 @imi:release_notes
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received two automatic e-mails after the action (as they were senders and recipients of the same aler... ts of module specific searches have been improved as requested by MS. (Applies to searches accessed vi... h of the professionals who are subject of alerts. As the last three columns include personal data, the... ble to authorities, which are added to the alerts as recipients. ===== 5. Further improvements to the
universitatea_europeana_dragan_din_lugoj @ro:autoritati:relevante
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Drăgan and the Drăgan European Foundation, having as a major goal the promotion of education as an important value. From an institutional point of view, ... mics, each offering Bachelor and Master programs, as well as post-graduate programs of continuing professional training and development.
impactul_general @imi:strategia
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the Member States * IMI was financed and set up as a "Project of common interest" under the IDABC Wo... are many practical barriers to cooperation, such as language or administrative structures * Adminis... - functional coordination – by choice - act as CA and exchange information through IMI with othe... IMI - Flexibility for MS to organise themselves as they wish * Competent Authorities may contact
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ever logged: {{statdisplay>all}} Get the summary as a graph: {{statdisplay>all?graph}} ===== Month O... >month by day?Jun_2017}} Show the daily accesses as graph: {{statdisplay>month by day?graph Oct_2017}... atdisplay>traffic by user}} Show the top 10 users as a graph, the workday average is shown as a red line: {{statdisplay>traffic by user?graph}} {{page>[[
directiva_privind_recunoasterea_calificarilor_profesionale @legislatie:eur-lex
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1994 United Kingdom Statement of Registration as a Registered General Nurse in part 1 or part 12 o... 1994 United Kingdom Statement of registration as a Midwife on part 10 of the register kept by the ... should have met the requisite threshold standards as laid down in Article 46 of this Directive and in ... Part II certificates, which are recognised by ARB as the competent authority, are eligible. Also EU na
cerinte_privind_certificarea @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:notificari
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Statutory Declaration stating their authenticity. As specified by the relevant Competent Authority, copies of documentation may be witnessed/certified as true copies of the originals by: • A Commissioner... or in the country of origin will also be accepted as certified translation. | |29| Islanda | - | - | -
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