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ents for the implementation of EPC ===== ==== 1. Description of the procedure in IMI ==== - Notifications ar... as the corresponding tab of the other form. (See description in section 2.1.4) ==== 3. Further use of the not... itted documents are of the right format. ==== 1. Description of the procedure in IMI ==== - Sample document... on of whether the document has an expiry date * Description of any identifying characteristics (if any) - Suc
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ional space separated parameters: ^ Parameter ^ Description ^ | any number | will be used as maximum number i... uthors names | | date | show item dates | | description| show the item description. If [[doku>config:htmlok|HTML]] is disabled all tags will be stripped | | nosort ... control macros are availble: ^ Macro ^ Description | | %%~~NOTOC~~%% | If this macro is found on t
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owing comment: - could you please provide a short description of activities which can be performed only by this... Could you please check the coherence between the description of the activities covered and the reserves of act
comitetul_sectorial_sanatate_si_asistenta_sociala @ro:autoritati:relevante
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s://ănătate+şi+Asistenţă+Socială&format=rss 10 description date 1d}}
comitetul_sectorial_silvicultura_exploatarea_si_prelucrarea_lemnului_industria_mobilei @ro:autoritati:relevante
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Silvicultură%2C+Exploatarea+şi+Prelucrarea+Lemnului%2C+Industria+Mobilei%22&format=rss 10 description date 1d}}
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comitetul_sectorial_din_constructii_de_masini @ro:autoritati:relevante
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comitetul_sectorial_energie_electrica_termica_petrol_si_gaze @ro:autoritati:relevante
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?q=Comitetul+Sectorial+%22Energie+Electrică%22%2C+Termică%2C+Petrol+și+Gaze&format=rss 10 description date 1d}}
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rch?q=Comitetul+Sectorial+Activităţi+Financiare%2C+Bancare%2C+de+Asigurări&format=rss 10 description date 1d}}
1 Accese, Ultima modificare:ția+Județeană+pentru+Plăți+și+Inspecție+Socială+Alba&format=rss 10 description date 1d}}
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TEX ====== {{rss> 10 description date 1d}}
comitetul_sectorial_metalurgia_feroasa_metalurgia_neferoasa_si_produse_refractare @ro:autoritati:relevante
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====== {{rss> 10 description date 1d}}
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