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stion 13). In fact the rules of the Directive are not the same in the both cases. If you want to practi... t transpose it into national law. This guide does not, however, provide information on the national rul... at national level (documents required, whether or not the profession is regulated, level of regulation,... exception of veterinarians) in so far as they are not covered by Directive 2006/123/EC)). ===== I. CAN
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meet to complete their tasks. The document does not include information on the system used by applica... handling EPC applications might use, but we will not be explaining them in detail. If you want more in... s (for short: ‘temporary mobility’): i.e. they do not intend to settle in the country of destination. I... gnition regime applicable to professions which do not fulfil conditions for the automatic recognition,
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| [[en:professions:regprof:air_flight_professions_not_elsewhere_classified|Air flight professions not elsewhere classified]] | 15 (+4)| [[Meteorolog aerona... 3)| | [[en:professions:regprof:energy_professions_not_elsewhere_classified|Energy professions not elsewhere classified]] | 18 (+2)| [[Auditor energetic pen
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- [[en:professions:regprof:air_flight_professions_not_elsewhere_classified|Air flight professions not elsewhere classified]] - [[en:professions:regprof:ai... ] - [[en:professions:regprof:energy_professions_not_elsewhere_classified|Energy professions not elsewhere classified]] - [[en:professions:regprof:engine
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|Tehnician veterinar]] (([[Veterinary professions not elsewhere classified]])) | | Transparency | @li... energetic pentru clădiri]] (([[Energy professions not elsewhere classified]])) | | Transparency | @li... log|Profesor sociolog]] (([[Specialised teachers, not elsewhere classified]])) | [[ro:profesii:regleme... olar|Consilier şcolar]] (([[Specialised teachers, not elsewhere classified]])) | | Transparency | @li
repositories_for_the_implementation_of_the_european_professional_card @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:registre
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he notification. If the notified requirements are not in line with the legislation or if considered inc... asked to indicate if they apply a prior check or not. ! It is important that users carefully select t... ssary to send a notification if the profession is not regulated in our country? Member States where the profession is not regulated may still be involved in handling EPC a
version_7.0 @imi:release_notes
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elpdesk. If any of your registered authorities do not have this role although you consider they should,... cess Manager'. Should there be a need to manage a not yet coordinated authority, users need to change t... grant access to a new legislative area, but it is not yet the access manager of that authority. ===== ... l module related user roles. ((This principle has not changed with the new release)) When granting an
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o lowercase automatically, special characters are not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by usin... tyle from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create link...|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. However, there wil... | If you specify a filename that is not a supported media format, then it will be display
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Commission of national notifications in IMI does not (and cannot) override the binding provisions of t... orities of the home Member State, translations do not seem necessary. Thus, as a general rule, the hom... 83.”)). Equally, host country authorities should not request translations of the documents exempted by... rmacist benefiting from automatic recognition did not provide translations of his/her diplomas, certifi
profesii @ro:regprof
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modification introduced rather than referring as not specified? -could you please provide a short expl... form has been introduced rather than referring to not necessary. Thank you)) | Start proportionality | ... use currently you refer only to the procedure and not to the justification. Thank you in advance)) | [[... d the collaboration with the relevant ministry is not sufficient. Thank you in advance)) | | | [[ro:pr
cerinte_privind_certificarea @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:notificari
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rting information (e.g. diploma supplements) does not need to be officially translated. Official transl... addition, the signatory/witness/certifier: • must not be a relative of the applicant; • must SEE the or... is a true copy of the original document which has not been altered in any way, by writing “This photoco... is a true copy of the original document which has not been altered in any way” on the photocopy; • must
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| [[:road_haulier]] | | [[:road_transport_drivers_not_classified_elsewhere]] | ==== Land transport and... r_flight_engineer]] | | [[:air_flight_professions_not_elsewhere_classified]] | | [[:aircraft_maintenanc... y_carriage_inspector]] | | [[:railway_professions_not_elsewhere_classified]] | | [[:railway_station_mas
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/LexUriServ/|Directiva 2005/36/CE a Parlamentului European și ... rv/|Versiunea consolidată din 17 ianuarie 2014 a Dire... /LexUriServ/|Directiva 2013/55/UE a Parlamentului European și
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mission Authentication System) account. If you do not have an EU Login account yet, click the button be... ome.processed#new|New, waiting for validation]] - Not yet visible to citizens on RegProf, only after va... ase note that the data and related decisions will NOT be deleted, but only hidden from view of citizens
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36/EC ^ Region ^ Level ^ | 45891 | Stivuitorist | Not applicable | All regions | NA | | 49417 | Macaragiu | Not applicable | All regions | NA |
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