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ying successful completion of training recognised by you as being of an equivalent level and conferrin... | | Which are the professional activities covered by the profession [${Profession}] in your territory?... ssion}]? | 134| | Which age range can be taught by the migrant [${Title} ${FirstName} ${SurName}] | 134| | Which subjects can be taught by the migrant [${Title} ${FirstName} ${SurName}]? |
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s been rejected with following comment: requested by Stefan Serban)) | | | [[ro:profesii:reglementate... ription of activities which can be performed only by this profession? - could you please provide a sho... differences with the activities covered/performed by the expert contabili. thank you)) | [[ro:profesii... ment: Could you please complement your submission by providing a short explaination on every requireme
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act points and competent authorities, as provided by EU Member States, EEA countries and Switzerland. ... s&quid=1&mode=asc&maxRows=*|Regulated professions by country, with competent authorities]] ===== 3. C... ble to citizens on RegProf, only after validation by the European Commission. - [[https://webgate.e... sible on RegProf, will be hidden after validation by the European Commission. Please note that the dat
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llenge code for adding a mobile phone number sent by text message === {{regprof:ecas_03_2_2_2_challenge_code_for_adding_a_mobile_phone_number_sent_by_text_message.png?1200|challenge code for adding a mobile phone number sent by text message}} === challenge code for adding a mobile phone number sent by text message text message challenge code entered
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titution, institutionally accredited, established by law in 1992 and operates under the coordination o... lem, seal, flag, anthem, day: University Day) and by an organizational culture of academic type, supported and developed by the academic community - made up of students, tea... the quality of member of the academic community, by decision of the Senate. Within the context of ne
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990 as private higher education and is accredited by Law. During its entire activity, marked by the 18 years of existence,the full attention of the unive... e of the university offer quality was represented by an elite academic staff, represented by the prestigious university teaching staff, scientists and spe
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andcollective creativity in engineering sciences by providing, putting into practice and disseminatio... ster study programs. The study programs developed by the faculties as following: 1. Marine Engineerin
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UK ^ LI ^ IS ^ NO ^ CH ^ | Declarations received by the host country (Art. 7.1)- except cases covered by Art. 7.4 | | No check of qualifications (Article
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anian universities. All the study domains offered by the university are classified in this first categ... vel. ASE Bucharest is institutionally accredited by ARACIS (the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance
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Licence Degree and Master Degree, being supported by academic performance of a body composed of 52 tea... ertaken the modernization of the training process by developing modern syllabi, compatible with those
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of education. The university was founded in 1992 by Professor Josif Constantin Drăgan and the Drăgan ... răgan" European University of Lugoj is accredited by Law no. 100/ 21.03.2003, published in Monitorul O
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id=1&mode=asc&maxRows=*#top|Regulated professions by country, with competent authorities - Romania]]
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ions and ideologies. UAD is accredited university by ARACIS with the qualification High degree of conf
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990. Following institutional evaluation performed by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in High
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