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recognition_of_professional_qualifications @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:user_guide
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er State if your qualification was awarded by the competent authority of a Member State and if you completed ... ate in which you received your qualification, the competent authority of the host Member State may require yo... you are legally established: attestation from the competent authority, from the competent professional body, copy of your professional licence. * If the profession is
competent_authorities @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:user_guide
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====== European professional card User guide for competent authorities ====== European Professional Card USE... n professional card (EPC) procedure and the tasks competent authorities are expected to carry out through the... is intended to be used by both professionals and competent authorities. For professionals, the EPC generate... reuse documents in subsequent applications. For competent authorities, the EPC generates value by providing
impactul_general @imi:strategia
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ectronic tool for exchange of information between Competent Authorities throughout the European Economic Area... national, regional and local level since 2008 * Competent Authorities of the 30 EEA Member States can conta... d applications for different Directives ===== * COMPETENT AUTHORITIES AND NATIONAL EXPERTS * CA DATA ... Documentation and formalities * Article 56 - Competent Authorities * Services Directive (2006/123/EC)
cerinte_privind_certificarea @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:notificari
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ς) . | |13| Irlanda | @yellow:3781 din 22/12/15 | Competent Authorities may request that copies of documents ... their authenticity. As specified by the relevant Competent Authority, copies of documentation may be witness... ave a national system for certified translations. Competent Authorities will accept translations that are com... udapest, Bajza utca, the competent authotity and the foreign representations of the
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acts with PQ Authorities Registered in IMI ===== Competent authorities for regulated professions in Romania ... al Training Sessions * Relevant authorities * Competent authorities ===== Training topics ===== * Pre... mania ===== * Meetings with representatives of Competent Authorities * Websites: general information, us
translations_and_certified_copies @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:user_guide
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aper is to clarify the conditions under which the competent authorities of Member States may require translat... arifications that follow to the relevant national competent authorities. ===== 1. Information displayed in t... be verified, and assurances can be given, by the competent authorities of the home Member State, translation
version_9.0 @imi:release_notes
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ered for the different alert modules. If need be competent authorities internally may decide to implement au... hese criteria have been added based on request of competent authorities. Note however that the criteria field
version_7.0 @imi:release_notes
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ic]]/[[meniu:imi:release_notes:limic]] role - Competent Authorities have been classified as such - The
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are pentru a atribui cererile noi departamentului competent. ===== Înregistrarea în IMI (întrebări pentru co
relevante @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:autoritati
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tional Agency for Payment and Social Inspection - Competent authority giving accreditation to organisers of p
repositories_for_the_implementation_of_the_european_professional_card @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:registre
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should not contain any personal data! Therefore, Competent Authorities must not upload scanned copies of ori
version_10.0 @imi:release_notes
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sers of the added recipient. * On request of MS competent authorities, the field to indicate the **gender**
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