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mmission and its staff cannot be held responsible in any way for its contents. ===== INTRODUCTION - CITIZENS' RIGHTS IN EUROPE ===== The rights of citizens to practise economic activities in another Member State is a fundamental right enshrined in the Treaty. However, within the limits of the Int
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ons might use, but we will not be explaining them in detail. If you want more information on other IMI... get their professional qualifications recognised in other EU countries. The idea is for those involve... eb application and to communicate with each other in a way that overcomes language barriers. The EPC ... quirements, further procedures and possible costs in the country of destination; * a quick and easy
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or the use of notification and repository modules in IMI, in the context of the European Professional Card (EPC). The repositories described in this document were implemented in IMI to provide Member States a structured way for communicating the
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ts and new features ====== ===== Access managers in IMI ===== One of the main improvements in IMI V.7.0 is the simplified and improved authority managem... uthorities need to have the 'Access manager' role in order to manage the authorities and their users. ... red or (granted access to) at least one authority in IMI are automatically assigned the 'Access manage
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rançaise | | ::: | | - Lijst van reisbureaus dit in Brussel zijn gesitueerd,Liste des agences de voyages situées à Bruxelles,Liste der Reisebüros in Brûssel | ==== Bulgaria ==== ^ Tip registru ^ Aco... a experţilor (Saxonia Inferioară) - Übersicht der in Niedersachsen zugelassenen privaten Sach-verständ... schutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit - Übersicht der in Niedersachsen anerkannten privaten Sachverständig
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tions and certified copies of documents submitted in support of an application for the issuance of a E... ard (EPC). This issue has already been discussed in the Group of Coordinators. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the EPC procedure, the member... tent authorities. ===== 1. Information displayed in the EPC document repository ===== The principles
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| [[ro:evenimente:instruirea_utilizatorilor_imi_in_zilele_de_19_20_si_21_septembrie_2017]] | Bucure... | [[ro:evenimente:instruirea_utilizatorilor_imi_in_zilele_de_18_si_19_septembrie_2017]] | Bucureşti... | [[ro:evenimente:instruirea_utilizatorilor_imi_in_zilele_de_10_si_11_august_2017]] | Constanța | :... | [[ro:evenimente:instruirea_utilizatorilor_imi_in_zilele_de_6_si_7_iulie_2017]] | Timişoara | :::
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rdinator * Contacts with Authorities Registered in IMI for the Different PQ Modules * Set of Training Events Organised in Romania * Awareness Raising Activities * What We Do in Romania to Ensure the Smooth Functioning of IMI ... resentative of the Ministry of National Education in relation with EU institutions in the field of aca
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Strategy for expanding and developing IMI - IMI in the future ===== 1. What is the Internal Market ... a * IMI is developed by the European Commission in partnership with the Member States * IMI was fi... en spontaneously – it needs support, particularly in a larger more diverse Europe ===== Administrativ... s on Member States beyond those already contained in internal market legislation * Revised Directive
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ules for PQ alerts we have already managed to put in place several changes and improvements in the system; please find below the summary of the improvemen... chanism. Note that the listed changes are already in place and might have already been noticed by some... ===== 1. Automatic e-mails concerning PQ alerts in IMI ===== The subject of the automatic e-mails n
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tion of free text has been significantly improved in IMI. By clicking on the speech bubble icon next ... as the translations arrive they will be displayed in green below the original text. * If a free text... **Translate all functionality** is made available in IMI * This means that __with a single click__ u... lations will be displayed directly on the screen, in green, below the original text. * If free text
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rivind platformele IT existente si cele care sunt in curs de implementare ==== Obiectivul platformei IT pentru “Integrarea Serviciilor de e-Guvernare in SEN” (PISEG) este “cresterea calitatii informatii... are ca scop unificarea, reducerea si transpunerea in format electronic a procedurilor administrative in relatia cu cetateanul (pentru serviciile care perm
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12 Accese, Ultima modificare: | [[imi:directii_de_specialitate_ale_ministerelor_din_romania_inregistrate_in_sistemul_imi|xx]]| [[imi:instruire:directii_de_sp... inisterelor]] | | | | [[imi:institutii_publice_in_subordinea_ministerelor_din_romania_inregistrate_
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| 6. [[imi:transportul_transfrontalier_de_numerar_in_euro]] | | | | @magenta:0 din 49 ((08 Cash-in-transit Repository - [[meniu:imi:registru_transport_... data between existing national databases and IMI, in agreement with the Member States concerned", din ... data related to the results of type-approvals and in-service monitoring tests", din martie 2017)) | |
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roadcast Date ^ Last update ^ | 14430 | Published in IMI | 1 | Italy | Diploma d'ostetrica | Scuole ri... | 19/06/2017 | 19/06/2017 | | 14431 | Published in IMI | 1 | Italy | Laurea in ostetricia | Università | Ostetrica | 02/04/2001 | B. Change of denominat... | | 19/06/2017 | 19/06/2017 | | 3175 | Published in IMI | 1 | Ireland | a B.Sc. in Midwifery approved
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