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mmission and its staff cannot be held responsible in any way for its contents. ===== INTRODUCTION - CITIZENS' RIGHTS IN EUROPE ===== The rights of citizens to practise economic activities in another Member State is a fundamental right enshrined in the Treaty. However, within the limits of the Int
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tions and certified copies of documents submitted in support of an application for the issuance of a E... ard (EPC). This issue has already been discussed in the Group of Coordinators. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the EPC procedure, the member... tent authorities. ===== 1. Information displayed in the EPC document repository ===== The principles
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ons might use, but we will not be explaining them in detail. If you want more information on other IMI... get their professional qualifications recognised in other EU countries. The idea is for those involve... eb application and to communicate with each other in a way that overcomes language barriers. The EPC ... quirements, further procedures and possible costs in the country of destination; * a quick and easy
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