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ts and new features ====== ===== Access managers in IMI ===== One of the main improvements in IMI V.7.0 is the simplified and improved authority managem... uthorities need to have the 'Access manager' role in order to manage the authorities and their users. ... red or (granted access to) at least one authority in IMI are automatically assigned the 'Access manage
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ules for PQ alerts we have already managed to put in place several changes and improvements in the system; please find below the summary of the improvemen... chanism. Note that the listed changes are already in place and might have already been noticed by some... ===== 1. Automatic e-mails concerning PQ alerts in IMI ===== The subject of the automatic e-mails n
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tion of free text has been significantly improved in IMI. By clicking on the speech bubble icon next ... as the translations arrive they will be displayed in green below the original text. * If a free text... **Translate all functionality** is made available in IMI * This means that __with a single click__ u... lations will be displayed directly on the screen, in green, below the original text. * If free text
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