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version_7.0 @imi:release_notes
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MI V.7.0 is the simplified and improved authority management. All the previously registered authorities and co... cess manager' role and now appear as such on the 'Management Information' tab1 of the managed authorities view... aging users of registered authorities ===== User management related actions can be taken on the 'Users' tab [... he authorities with access to this module. ===== Management Information tab for authorities ===== Apart from
repositories_for_the_implementation_of_the_european_professional_card @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:registre
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d be listed in the free text box. == 2.1.4. The Management information tab == The 'Management information' tab becomes visible in IMI after the notifications are saved... ing EPC applications. This form also includes a 'Management information' tab, which includes the same details... inistrative role, and who are responsible for the management of accesses to the Professional Qualifications re
version_10.0 @imi:release_notes
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ranslation functionality. ===== 2. Improved data management screen for IMI Access Managers ===== If the deta... ority or Managed authorities menu option), on the Management information tab of the details a new section, you... , we believe this improvement will facilitate the management of authorities in IMI. As the NIMIC you may wish
diplome_falsificate @imi:calificari_profesionale:alerte
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ery_operator]] | | | | [[en:professions:regprof:management_consultant]] | | | | [[en:professions:regprof:m... | | | | [[en:professions:regprof:production_and_management_engineer]] | | | | [[:Property management agent]] | | | | [[en:professions:regprof:prosthetist_and_orthot
on-line @imi:calificari_profesionale:registre
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nal Register of Environmental Waste Treatment and Management Companies (Informal EN) | | | ::: | Registrul pr... onarea deşeurilor) - Environmental Permits (Waste Management Licensing) | | | ::: | Permise de mediu (Control
seturi_de_activitati @imi:strategia
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ficarea Autorităților Competente - Validarea şi managementul datelor Autorităților Competente existente în s
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approval of requests submitted by CAs from RO * management of IMI registers: PQ authorities databases and EP
impactul_general @imi:strategia
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rative procedures for crossborder cooperation * Management of 351 bilateral relationships in EU-27 ===== IM
trimise @imi:calificari_profesionale:cereri
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inisterul Educaţiei Naţionale - Direcţia Generală Management Resurse Umane|cadru didactic invatamant preuniver
primite @imi:calificari_profesionale:cereri
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inisterul Educaţiei Naţionale - Direcţia Generală Management, Resurse Umane şi Reţea Şcolară|cadru didactic pr
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