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repositories_for_the_implementation_of_the_european_professional_card @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:registre
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* Fees * Document Requirements == 2.1.1. First page: General Information == On the first 'General In... s been notified to the Commission. On this first page Member States are asked to indicate if they apply... users carefully select the details on this first page, as this information will be used for searching i... entry of the same information. == 2.1.2. Second page: Fees == On the second 'Fees' tab Member States
version_9.0 @imi:release_notes
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the Administration menu option - On the first page the Edit button should be clicked - On the modules page, in the list of modules the relevant Alert module should be selected and in the bottom of the page the currently registered e-mail address can be ch... n should be clicked in the top left corner of the page. - Due to the fact that IMI users no longer r
cardul_profesional_european @imi:calificari_profesionale
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ementation of the European Professional Card]] {{page>imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:notificari}} {{page>imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_eu
solvit @imi:statistica
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bsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;2018:5376</barchart> <datatables page-length="25" header-rows="true" responsive="true" ... ddocs/single_market_governance_report_2011_en.pdf#page=26 (2011)
comitete_sectoriale @imi:instruire
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omitete sectoriale ====== ===== Sesiuni de instruire IMI PQ 2018 ===
obiectivele @imi:strategia
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ternal Market Information System - Sistemul de Informare al Pieţei Unice). {{page>obiective_specifice}}
grupurile_tinta @imi:strategia
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====== Grupurile țintă ====== {{page>meniu:autoritati}}
moase @imi:calificari_profesionale:notificari
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ia]] ===== Notificări primite ===== <datatables page-length="10" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
aplicatii @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european
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până în data de 1 aprilie 2019 ===== <datatables page-length="50" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
cereri @imi:calificari_profesionale
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sp;&nbsp;&nbsp;2018:16254</barchart> <datatables page-length="25" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
competent_authorities @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:user_guide
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d the regime (please check the Deadlines table on page 13). You can still request documents from the pr
implementarea_sistemului_de_informare_al_pietei_interne_-_imi_in_romania @imi:instruire
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n_romania]] * diferite [[|Comitete Sectoriale]] ===== Sesiuni de ins
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