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the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when edi... e pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing "Edit this page". If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playground|playground]] page. The simpler markup is easily accessible via [[do
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irst pages ===== Your wiki needs to have a start page. As long as it doesn't exist, this link will be r... :start]]. Go on, follow that link and create the page. If you need help with using the syntax you can always refer to the [[wiki:syntax|syntax page]]. You might also want to use a sidebar. To create it, just edit the [[:sidebar]] page. Everything in that page will be shown in a margi
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===== Domenii de cooperare administrativă ===== {{page>imi:domenii}} ===== State membre ===== {{page>imi:state_membre}} ===== Statistici ===== {{page>imi:statistica}} ===== Utilizarea IMI ===== {{page>imi:utilizarea}}
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registrate pentru fiecare modul IMI: <datatables page-length="25" header-rows="true" responsive="true" ... Repository)) | -| -| 7619| 7818| <datatables page-length="25" header-rows="true" responsive="true" ... (SOLVIT Case)) | 31| 32| 32| 32| <datatables page-length="25" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
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bsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;2018:5376</barchart> <datatables page-length="25" header-rows="true" responsive="true" ... ddocs/single_market_governance_report_2011_en.pdf#page=26 (2011)
cardul_profesional_european @imi:calificari_profesionale
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ementation of the European Professional Card]] {{page>imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european:notificari}} {{page>imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_eu
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omisia Europeană (valid/approved) | <datatables page-length="250" header-rows="true" responsive="true"... ă]] | MS, CMDR | | | </datatables> <datatables page-length="10" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
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ia]] ===== Notificări primite ===== <datatables page-length="10" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
aplicatii @imi:calificari_profesionale:cardul_profesional_european
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până în data de 1 aprilie 2019 ===== <datatables page-length="50" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
cereri @imi:calificari_profesionale
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sp;&nbsp;&nbsp;2018:16254</barchart> <datatables page-length="25" header-rows="true" responsive="true"
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