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eed to know about the recognition of professional qualifications / 66 QUESTIONS, 66 ANSWERS This document is f... facilitate the mutual recognition of professional qualifications between the Member States. This is the aim of Dir... September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications. While this may facilitate recognition, in pract
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rocedure that professionals can use to have their qualifications recognised. It provides streamlined and transpare... will help professionals to get their professional qualifications recognised in other EU countries. The idea is for... card is a key part of the modernised Professional Qualifications Directive, which lays down the rules for the mobi... Temporary mobility cases: a. with prior check of qualifications: recognition regime that requires a verification
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ementate | @yellow:190 din 2765 ((09 Professional Qualifications Information Request - [[meniu:imi:cerere_de_infor... cți| ::: | | @yellow:4 din 111 ((15 Professional Qualifications Notification - Architects - [[meniu:imi:notificar... //|Europa ta... glementate | @yellow:5720 din ? ((09 Professional Qualifications Information Request - [[meniu:imi:cerere_de_infor
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// * Broș... // * Centre naţionale de asistenţă * http://ec.europ... // ===== Le
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rovision Member States may apply a prior check of qualifications for professions with public health or safety impl... ted IMI Coordinators for the area of Professional Qualifications, who have been assigned this administrative role,... or the management of accesses to the Professional Qualifications related IMI modules. For the details of the acce
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Version ^ Notifying country ^ Evidence of formal qualifications ^ Body awarding the evidence of qualifications ^ Professional title ^ Reference date ^ Type of notification ^ Exa... B1. Change of denomination of evidence of formal qualifications | | 19/06/2017 | 19/06/2017 | | 3175 | Published
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legislation * Revised Directive on Professional Qualifications (2005/36/EC) * Article 8 - Administrative coo... rt structures for the project ===== Professional Qualifications Directive ===== * Since February 2008 IMI has b... information required by the revised Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC) * pilot project for th
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ive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and point of contact for professional recognition... r relevant authorities * National Authority for Qualifications / Sectoral Committees * National Centre for Tec
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ystem" ^ "Temporary mobility WITH prior check of qualifications" ^ "Temporary mobility WITHOUT prior check of qualifications" ^ Authority role ^
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icărilor reglementate - The Register of Regulated Qualifications | | | ::: | Registrul creditelor de consum - Con
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atea Naţională pentru Calificări - ANC |National Qualifications Authority - ANC| | | | **X** | **X** | |Roman
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ast 3 years for the applicants with third country qualifications, * attestations of legal establishment, *
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such as the selected professions for Professional Qualifications information requests. For changing module specif
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