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ective 2013/55/EC. Further provisions clarifying technical aspects of the procedure were included in Commiss... decision: refusal or approval ==== 2.3 Legal and technical deadlines ==== The legal deadlines that a user i... tion to legal deadlines, the system also has some technical deadlines to ensure the smooth functioning of the... tion; - Info: contains a summary of data on the technical handling of the application such as current statu
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cademia Tehnică Militară din Bucureşti |Military Technical Academy of Bucharest (State higher education inst... versitatea Tehnică de Construcţii din Bucureşti |Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (Sta... |Cluj | |Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca |Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (State higher education... a Tehnică ¨Gh. Asachi¨ din Iaşi |Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (State higher education instit
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mic areas have been temporarily disabled due to a technical issue. We have saved all previous selections from... ered in the text box with formatting options. For technical reasons all these free text e-mails will now have... notifications in IMI, thus we believe no specific technical training is necessary for the use of this functio
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mation between, on the one hand, manufacturers or technical services and, on the other hand, national authori... mation between, on the one hand, manufacturers or technical services and, on the other hand, national authori
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ers designated by the coordinated authorities * technical support ("help desk") for IMI PQ users * valida... ons / Sectoral Committees * National Centre for Technical and Vocational Education Training Development ==
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an Commission has broadcast the notifications for technical reasons a short one day dissemination period has ... access manager yourself, consider consulting our technical guide about Managing access to IMI , which is ava
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tion sets" are expected to be migrated to the new technical solution gradually, in the coming months. Once mi
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| | | [[:Teacher (age range 4-18)]] | | | | [[:Technical college teacher]] | | | | [[en:professions:regp
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uthority in IMI ===== IMI Coordinators ===== - technical/ administrative coordination, e.g. registration a
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