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și schimb de experiență în domeniul maritim (Jade University of Applied Sciences, Germania; Chalmers University of Technology, Suedia; Willem Barentsz Maritime Institut, West Tershelling, Olanda; Shanghai Maritime University, China; Grenoble Institute of Technology, Franta;... ollegium Science et Techniques, Franţa; Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, Piri Reis University, Turcia;
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redite%20transferabile.PDF "Constantin Brancusi" University of Targu Jiu is a state institution, institutiona... and Scientific Research, through the principle of university autonomy and academic freedom. "Constantin Brancusi" University of Târgu Jiu is an university that offers young people the opportunity of choosing various study programs in
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of established academic tradition, „Bogdan Voda” University of Cluj-Napoca represents a solid option for those willing to continue their studies in a dynamic university of an ascending trend, totally linked to the new ... ity standards of higher education. „Bogdan Voda” University was founded in 1992 as a private higher education... institutionally accredited in 2005. "Bogdan Voda" University has three faculties: Faculty of Economics, Facult
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ultanţă în domeniul său de competenţă. ---- The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tîrgu Mureş contrives... nd international academic world. We belong to a university tradition that has an inheritance worthy to be transmitted to the successors. The mission of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tîrgu Mureș is to gen... ing human freedom and democratic principles. The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tîrgu Mureș functions
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din Cluj-Napoca. Denumirea în limba engleză este:University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. A fost reorgani... şi este direct subordonat rectorului. ---- The University of Art and Design of Cluj – Napoca carries on the... uropean Union. The official denomination is: the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. The denomination in English language is: the University of Art and Design Cluj – Napoca. It was reorgani
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/detail_institution.php?id=19386 The „Athenaeum” University from Bucharest was founded in 1990 as private hig... e 18 years of existence,the full attention of the university management was focused on the content of educatio... s well. We must stress that the guarantee of the university offer quality was represented by an elite academic staff, represented by the prestigious university teaching staff, scientists and specialists in dif
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tivă la nivel internațional. ---- The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) is a research intensive university which ranks among the top 12 leading Romanian universities. All the study domains offered by the university are classified in this first category at national... which has granted a high confidence rating to the university, as the latter is considered the most prestigious
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e profesională continuă. ---- "Drăgan” European University of Lugoj (DEU) is an institution of higher educat... se, part of the national system of education. The university was founded in 1992 by Professor Josif Constantin... an institutional point of view, "Drăgan" European University of Lugoj is accredited by Law no. 100/ 21.03.2003... nitorul Oficial, part I, no. 184/ 25.03.2003. The university consists of two faculties: Faculty of Law and Fac
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rata de 3 ani. ---- “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI), university of advanced research and education classified in the first 12 top Romanian unive... search. During the academic year 2011 – 2012, our university took part in more than 350 national and internati... sors, being based on a close cooperation with the university research centres. The doctoral studies have a 3 –
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a cercetării științifice. ---- Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava is a modern institution with over 50 y... rs of tradition in higher education. In 2005, the University adopted the principles of the Bologna declaration and of the Magna Charta Universitatum. The University has in it’s structure 9 faculties that provide 3-... in 7 faculties. The main aims of Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava are in accordance with the EU policies
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Symonds - În University Ranking by Academic Performance 2011, Universitatea din Craiova este plasată în cate... . University Web Ranking 2012 plasează Universitatea din Craio
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dministrativ și în jurul a 1000 de studenți. The University of Piteşti is a public university in Piteşti, Romania, founded in 1991. The University of Pitești has over 700 people as teaching staff and adm
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gii/03.m6-ucdc.pdf “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University of Bucharest is a higher education institution fo... uality Assurance in Higher Education in 2015, the University attended the "High Degree of Confidence" rating f
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a partener universitatea americană Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, Georgia, SUA (KSU). Parteneriatul strat... lor din București și Universitatea Kennesaw State University, Atlanta (KSU) are la bază punctele forte ale fie
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or de fenomene artistice şi culturale. ---- The university has as fundamental mission the training of specia... dagogy) at BA, MA and doctoral level, as research university for advanced / artistic creation and education in
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